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Vo Thi Sau


Commemoration House was the place with many memories about the childhood of Hero Vo Thi Sau which was constructed with typical traditional architecture of Vietnamese village and covered with wooden plates and roofed with Yin and Yang tiles and soil floor.

In 1980, the house was upgraded by the People';s Committee of Long Dat district (today known as Dat Do district) as it is today. About 100m away from the Commemoration House, there is the Statue of Vo Thi Sau. The statue is located within the park with many Adenium flower trees, magnolia trees and sapodilla trees. The Statue is made of copper with the height of 7 meters and designed by Artist Thanh Thanh to express the position that Sau was unhurried and indomitable to go to the execution ground with the laps of dress flying in the early morning';s wind...

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